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Legal know how helps you do your job faster

Access to high-quality legal know how can transform the way legal professionals work. It provides a quality-assured head start, meaning you don’t have to start from scratch each time. It saves hours of time when drafting documents or searching for answers to questions that arise in transactions. It also reduces the amount of time and resource you need to spend on keeping internal know how up to date.

But what is legal know how? We believe it’s the practical resources that help you to perform your jobs more efficiently.

Many lawyers around the world already rely on specialist publishers like Sweet & Maxwell, and online services like Westlaw for their legal research.

More than 100,000 lawyers worldwide also rely on Practical Law for high-quality up-to-date know how, which enables them to draft more quickly and efficiently, compare international laws and advise with more confidence.

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What is Practical Law and why do you need it?

Practical Law maintains a vast set of practice notes and standard documents which can be used as they are or tailored for international transactions, saving vast amounts of time and meaning you don’t need to draft or research from scratch.

Resources are produced and kept up to date by our team of editors – all of whom have significant practice experience gained in law firms, companies and organisations around the world – and a range of contributors.

Access to Practical Law resources allows you to:

  • Advise confidently in unfamiliar jurisdictions with comparative guides to the law worldwide, covering all the major economies
  • Save time and increase efficiency using standard documents, clauses and drafting notes available for English, US and Chinese law, as well as jurisdiction-neutral documents
  • Understand the law and how it applies in practice with a vast bank of practice notes for English and US law
  • Keep on top of legal and regulatory developments by signing up for legal updates written by experts, telling you what you need to know and why
  • Mitigate the risk of using out-of-date information: see instantly if a resource is up to date
  • Dig deeper and examine the law for yourself with direct links to cases and legislation on Westlaw UK, Westlaw Next and Westlaw China

We offer three core country services: United Kingdom, United States and China, covering a wide range of practice areas.

In addition, we provide international know how services, such as EU Law and International Arbitration, as well as resources covering essential information needed for when you are advising across borders.

Uniquely practical resources for the busy practitioner

UK and US

Our UK and US services provide a full suite of online know how resources, tools and current awareness, covering all the key practice areas.

Highlights include:

  • Vast bank of practice notes covering all the major practice areas, from quick notes and overviews to detailed guidance for specialists
  • Up-to-date, market standard documents, clauses and letters with integrated drafting notes
  • Checklists and flowcharts to help you mitigate risk
  • Daily, weekly and monthly legal updates, written by our experts, telling you what you need to know and why
  • Podcasts, webinars and events
  • Monthly magazines for legal professionals: PLC Magazine (UK) and Practical Law The Journal (US)
  • Ask legal query service (UK only)
  • Workflow tools, including FastDraft automated drafting, Annotation for sharing notes on resources and FirmStyle for converting documents to your house style


Our international services are designed to help lawyers work more effectively across borders.

  • International Arbitration
    Detailed coverage of UK and international arbitration law, as well as that in other key jurisdictions, including the US, Switzerland, France, Germany, China and Singapore
  • EU Law
    Weekly updates and daily alerts of EU developments affecting your sector or practice area, EU legislation trackers, articles on hot topics and an EU Research toolkit
  • Multi-jurisdictional guides
    Q&A overviews of law and regulation in more than 30 practice areas and more than 60 countries, written by leading lawyers, with analysis articles and a Country Q&A comparison tool
  • International collections
    Key resources for lawyers advising across borders, organised by practice area, as well as international transaction guides


Our China service provides transactional support for lawyers doing business in China.

Highlights include:

  • More than 100 international standard documents and clauses, localised to work under Chinese law
  • Integrated drafting notes with practical tips on what you need to do differently in China
  • Practice notes with clear and detailed how-to guidance to support foreign investment activity in China
  • China glossary with clear definitions for nearly 100 commonly-used Chinese legal terms, regulatory authorities and types of agreement, in English and written Chinese

Our quality starts with our people

Our quality starts with our people. Our team of experts in London, Brussels, Hong Kong and New York have significant practice experience gained in law firms, companies and organisations around the world.

We also work with top law firms worldwide to ensure that our resources always reflect current law and market practice and liaise regularly with our consultation boards and our contributors, all practising lawyers and leaders in their fields.

We are continually in touch with more than 3,000 legal departments and 3,500 law firms around the world through the industry events and forums we run. We’re also closely involved with more than 30 professional networks, including the GC100 in the UK, which we helped to set up, and for which we now act as secretariat.

Meet the team

More than 100,000 lawyers worldwide use Practical Law

Our subscribers include 95% of the UK's top 200 law firms, 86% of The Am Law 100 (US), more than 3,500 in-house legal departments around the world and thousands of mid-sized and smaller organisations.

We're delighted to report that 90% of our subscribers would recommend us to a peer or colleague*. You can read what some of them have to say here.

“Practical Law is global, reliable and instant, bringing country-specific know-how for different disciplines to our doorstep. Empowerment is just a click away.”

Alice Ramohlola, Senior Librarian, Bowman Gilfillan

Practical Law has been a key part of our Knowledge management function.”

Marcos Toffanello, PSL, Birketts

“The Practical Law Arbitration Multi-jurisdictional Guide provides readers with a wealth of information relating to the practical aspects of litigation, ADR mechanisms and in particular, arbitration. Since my retirement from the Supreme Court, I have had many people visit me from all walks of life, from students and academics to legal practitioners, judges and politicians. I will gladly recommend this guide to them.”

Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers

"Essential professional support service."

Kevin Athow, BSH Home Appliances

“If I could only have one resource as an in-house lawyer, it would be Practical Law. Practical Law is incredibly cost-effective and extremely enabling. It’s enormously reassuring to have up-to-date know-how and precedent library at your fingertips... Practical Law allowed me to be a multijurisdictional resource for my company.”

Anita George, Legal Consultant and former Global General Counsel, Lloyd George Management

More testimonials

*Based on a survey of 8596 Practical Law subscribers globally undertaken in November 2012 and January 2013. 7741 respondents rated their likelihood of recommending Practical Law as between 7 and 10 out of 10, where 10 was the highest achievable mark.

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